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My Wife Gets Necked

In Front of My Friends


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" At first she was embarrassed to look at them, but after a while she was boldly strutting around savoring the attention." 

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      Unlike many of your letters, this isn't about men having sex with my wife, but we found that what she did really turned us both on.

My friends often come out to our cabin on the lake to fish during the summer.  This one weekend when there were five guys sitting around drinking beer while my wife was getting a sun tan on the dock. Their wives had gone into town to shop, but since my wife and I were hosts, she stayed behind.

My wife had on her bikini. They had seen her in it many times -- I think she has a bit of an exhibitionist streak. To get an even tan on her back she had undone her top and she was lying on a towel on her stomach. My wife has good sized breasts, and since she was on her stomach, they were sort of being squished beneath her. 

I noticed one of the guys that was staring and I said to him I guess that proves they are real. Before long my wife turned over, being cartful to move her bikini top with her. 

I somewhat jokingly I said to her that it would be easier if she didn't have to worry about tan lines from the bikini. She said yes it would but my friends were there.  As I sipped my third beer I looked at the guys and asked if they would mind if she took off her bikini. (It didn't leave much to the imagination anyway.)

She thought about it for a bit and then got up and let the bikini top fall, giving the guys a great view of her breasts. One of the men then asked her if she wasn't worried about tan lines from the bottom.  My wife looked at me and I didn't object, so she stripped off her bottom (or what there was of it). Now she was completely nude in front of them. My wife isn't ashamed of her body and, frankly, I'm proud of how she looks.

Seeing my wife nude in front of my friends gave me a strange feeling. I can only describe it as a kind of excitement in the pit of my stomach. At first she was embarrassed to look at them, but after a while she was boldly strutting around savoring the attention.

She stretched out on the towel on her stomach while the guys took it all in.

         After about 20 minutes she turned over on her back opening her legs slightly so that you could see a bit of pink through her public hair. She had been asleep and I don't think she was aware of it.

I probably should have been jealous or embarrassed for her, but one of the guys saying to me, "You are a lucky man," sort of overcame that. 

I also liked the fact that my wife did in front of these men. Even though she knew them all, this was a boldness that I had never seen in her before.

" At one point she got up and went into the cabin to get several beers. She stayed naked, even sort of bushing a breast in the face of one of the men as she gave him his beer." 

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         That night when we were alone in bed she asked me if what she did bothered me.  I said I was proud of how she looked and the guys were jealous of me. 

She said, she had never done anything like that before and at first she had been embarrassed, but after a while it was kind of exciting being naked in front of them and that it made her horny.

She said, she hoped the men wouldn't tell their wives. I said they know if they did their wives wouldn't let them come back. 

I mentioned the guy that she had brushed against with her breast.  She said that she she always thought he was cute and she did it on purpose. But, she said, don't worry, he's happily married.

After a while she asked what would I have done if one of them started to touch her or get physical. I said maybe they will next time. By then were were into foreplay for sex and she smiled wickedly and said, maybe she could help that along. As we made love we talked about what might happen -- next time.

We learned something about each other; we were surprised to find out how turned on we both got, just talking about it.


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