Thank You! I Don't Feel

So Guilty Any More


" Now I don't have to feel I'm committing some major sin because of my fantasies."


Rewritten from e-mail

With addendum by the Reverent Reverend

Dr. Weston,

I've always felt really guilty, but also turned on, whenever I pictured some stud banging my very willing wife.

For years I've tried to suppress these thoughts because I thought they constituted a major sin.

But on your site I read that such fantasies may be based in a human evolution survival factor.

If this is true, it dissolves a shitload of personal guilt for me.

The Irreverent Reverend Responds

Although most thoughts are far too weak to immediately manifest in reality (thank God!),  throughout the ages spiritual adepts have told us that what are minds dwell on we can create. This is what's behind prayer.

To add a spooky element (backed by some of the latest theories in physics) this "thought energy" is outside of time, and the energy in our thoughts and fantasies can theoretically affect past, present and future events.*

Although your phrase, "very willing wife," may absolve you from pushing your wife into something she is against, the bottom line here is to make sure that your fantasies are in the best interests of all concerned.

If that's really true, you should have no guilt.

*This, of course, seems to defy logic. However, the "outside of time" aspect implies that time is not linear but is, in a sense, simultaneous. This view would answer many vexing scientific and religious questions.

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