My wife asked -

   "What's a Hotwife?"

My wife was laid off from her job and, after she tends to the household chores, she has little to do. 

I got her a new computer and a fast Internet connection so she should look for a job, but she soon started exploring all of the corners of the Internet.

She soon came across the term hotwife and asked what it meant. (I think she had an idea, but just wanted to open the topic for discussion.)

I explained that a hotwife is a wife that is given permission by her husband to date and have sex with other men.

"And they stay married?"

I said, "There is sort of an agreement that it will not threaten the marriage."

"Is that possible?"

"Sometimes, but quite a few marriages go south trying it."

She said, "Half of marriages go south anyway and I've read that extracurricular sex can sometimes keep a marriage together, especially if sex has kind of died in the marriage."

That was hitting too close to home and I wanted to drop the subject, but she didn't.

She continued, "I guess a lot of wives go ahead without permission and then they have to constantly worry about being caught. I know a couple wives like that.

Drawing on my reading on the subject I said, "Sometimes husbands suggest it."

"Why would they want their wives to have lovers; aren't husbands supposed to be jealous and possessive?"

I said, "The husbands know their wives want more sex than they are getting at home, and it turns on some husbands to know their wives are putting out to other men.

"So if I was a hotwife I could fuck anyone I wanted and it wouldn't bother you?"  

Wait, how did I -- how did we get to this?

I didn't answer. My wife let it go -- for now.

A couple nights later in bed she asked, "Do you think I could be a hotwife?"

"You do like sex."

"Definitely, and things have been slowing down with us. So would you be okay with it?"

"I would have to think about it! " (In my playbook that response generally means 'no,' but I don't want to say so right then.)"

Not about to let this go, my wife asked, "You know our neighbor, Janet?"

"The little blond nurse with the black boyfriend?"

"Her boyfriend has a friend -- I guy I met at her place -- a nice looking, athletic guy. I spent a lot of time talking to him and Janet noticed. Says she's heard he's big and he can go a long time. She's kind of been pushing me to hook up with him."

Hook up?

"You know, just a friend with benefits thing."

This idea seemed to be taking off way too soon!


I didn't get much sleep for the next hour.

As I looked at my wife sleeping next to me I envisioned a man on top of her banging away. And her liking it, maybe even regularly needing it. 

She definitely likes sex; that's one of the main reasons I married her. A seemingly good idea at the time.

At first, thinking of her getting it from another guy  appalled me, but then as I pictured my very willing wife getting it from some black stud I found myself getting an erection.

Janet was obviously pushing this. If it was going to happen, and it seemed well on it's way, I didn't want it to go underground, only to find out after everyone else did.

And there was the undeniable fact that I was slowing down in the bedroom while my wife wasn't.


After an hour thinking about it I made a bold decision, shook my wife awake, and said, "Okay, go ahead."

She was instantly awake, picking up the issue where we left off. "Are you sure?"


She started several sentences only to stop and decide on a question. "What if I really enjoy it?"

"Why else do it?"

"Will you be jealous?" 

"Probably for a while, but I can deal with it. Are you going to give him oral sex? The image of my very white wife sucking on a big black cock now was sexually exciting me. 

My wife said, "That's part of sex these days, so yes, I'd do that. I didn't think you would go for this." We were both now turned on thinking about it. She asked, "What if he wants to keep meeting me?"

"He probably will."

"So how often?"

"I guess, whenever."

"And that would be okay with you?"

"Once you start, I'm sure he'll expect you to keep him satisfied."

She took hold of my erect penis. "I'm sure I can do that." 

Clearly, my cagey little wife had maneuvered herself into being a hotwife. I guess that was her goal from the start.

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