White Wives, Select Black Lovers




Why Some Husbands Want Their

White Wives to Have Black Lovers


          It may seem strange that a husband would want his wife to have a black lover. But there are well-established reasons. Here are ten.

1. Typically, as the libidos of white males continue to decline, husbands find that black men can more than adequately meet their white wife's sexual needs without the risk of emotional involvement. According to our e-mail many husbands feel that their wives, who have gotten used to a certain social, cultural and economic lifestyle, will not leave them for a black man that doesn't share these characteristics.

2.  Second, (and related to the above) many husbands (after possibly seeing too much black-on-white porno) subscribe to the myth that all black men have large penises and that once their wives -- especially their younger wives --  get used to this they will not be sexually satisfied with a less well endowed and possibly more threatening white lover.

This seems to be confirmed by letters we get from women who want us to warn readers that after having regular sex with one of these well endowed black lovers, their husbands (or white men in general) can no longer satisfy them.

For the husband there can also a positive side to this. Some women are so vaginally tight that it is difficult or uncomfortable for her husband to enter them, especially if they are no longer capable of a firm erection.

After she adjusts to a well-endowed black lover, her husband may find that he can readily enter her -- especially right after she's had sex with a black lover.  Having sex with her while she's still wet from a lover is a turn-on for many husbands.

Plus, once it is known that a white woman has a black lover, many white men will either not be interested or feel they can't physically compete.

3.  Third, we know that black-on-white sex is one of the most popular Internet categories. From our mail we know that some husbands find it exciting to push their wives to have black lovers -- often to watch. It may remind them of the black-on-white porno and their fantasies about having a wife who is as sexually uninhibited as these women seem to be.

4. Fourth, a white women may be attracted to a black lover because it's still somewhat taboo, and this includes an element of sexual excitement. Some women find excitement in seeing the contrast in skin color during sex, or yielding to a man that is stronger and more sex driven than their husbands.

Risk is known to enhance sexual excitement. This may include the risk of pregnancy, however remote with condoms and effective birth control. This may also carry over to husbands who experience excitement in seeing (or knowing that) black men ejaculate into their white wives.

5.  Fifth, there may also be "bragging rights" for a woman -- having the services of a "black stud," or "black stallion." Sometimes older women feel a need to reaffirm their sexual desirability and sexual emancipation in this way. This is known to have a rejuvenating effect on some older women.

6.  Sixth, it appears that many black men are much more aggressive than white men in pushing women into new experiences.

This can include such things as oral sex (which they are reluctant do with their husbands), sex with an audience, and three-somes.

Before one black lover took a white wife to one of his black clubs, he told her to take off her underwear.  Although it might seem to be humiliating to be "forced" to do it (and to advertise her sexual accessibility in front of her date and others) also excited her. Prudery and its negative effects among white women and their marriages has generated a lot of mail to this site.

7.  Seventh, and not unrelated, based on some our mail from black men it appears that there is a bit of a status symbol in being with a white woman -- especially a blond.

If she's married, he might boast to his friends that she prefers him in bed to her husband. At the same time he can also become possessive and protective, which can cause major problems. For this reason...

" Some husbands prefer to hire well-endowed 'professional studs' for their wives, black men who are safe and follow agreed on rules of conduct. " 

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8. Next are the male and female elements of humiliation.

Being a cuckold husband often involves an element of humiliation for the husband. Having a wife that openly prefers black lovers to him can satisfy that need.

However, the humiliation generally goes the other way with husbands turned on by their wives "servicing" black men. This, type of female humiliation underlies the popularity Internet black-on-white photos and videos featuring attractive girls apparently dong the bidding of well-endowed black men. The motivation for this runs deep in the male (and even female) psyche and is discussed in various places on this site.

9. Many black men are quite happy with sex-only liaisons. Thus, the possibility of emotional involvement with its many problems is minimized. Some white women, especially when they marry older men, simply want a black stud to to regularly "get them off," especially when their husbands no longer can.

10.  Finally, some husbands believe (occasionally accurately) that women can become "addicted" to black sex -- becoming "black cock sluts."  Black lovers often push white wives into new sexual experiences -- things they have never tried with their husbands.

Once people know she has black lovers on the side, she has nothing to lose in sidestepping propriety and dressing and acting in a more sexual manner. Within limits, a husband may want to see this transition in a wife who was previously not interested in sex.

Finally, while many of the above may be seen by some as positive elements in black-on-white liaisons, there can also be negative ones.

Black men, themselves, have written us to caution women about the partners they chose. As one man said, "I wouldn't trust my dog with some of these guys."

Second, STDs, including AIDS, are especially high in the black population and often a black partner will not tell a white women he is infected -- assuming he even knows. The latter is significant because individuals in this group are the least apt to have themselves tested for STDs.

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