Dr. West

Cuckold vs. Stag

by Dr. Ronny West

Many of the letters on this site use the term cuckold when the more recent but less widely recognized term, stag, would be more appropriate.

Although cuckold, at least in its original sense, connotes an emasculated male in a relationship, stag connotes a stronger, more confident and trusting male role.

Even though many people see this level of female freedom as a threat to a relationship, and definite dangers are involved, it is typically less of a threat than cheating and dishonesty stemming from repeating a pattern of premarital sexual behavior.

While the female may enjoy new sexual experiences from stag relationships, the male partners involved often find sexual excitement in encouraging and sharing their partner's sexual adventures.

Her potential availability may be communicated to men in the know when she wears a gold chain on her right ankle.

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