Sharing My Wife



Encouraging My Wife to

Experience Sex With Other Men

from a husband

I'm not sure why, but there are a lot married men out there that encourage their wives to experience sex with other men. The there are many stories and even pictures on the Internet.

They don't want to lose their wives. That's often very clear, they just want their wives to enjoy sex with other men.

Sometimes it's the wife's idea, especially if sex in the marriage has dropped off or even died.

I want him to (re)light her interest in and need for sex again and, most of all, enjoy its many benefits.

When my pretty little wife comes home from being with some guy I want her to look well used and very satisfied. That's a healthy look on her that I miss seeing.

She used to love our passionate sex.  Even though I'm not the man I used to be, I want her to enjoy sex with men who get turned on with her and let her know she's still very desirable.

It comes down to a selfless "do unto others" thing based in love.

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