Encouraging My Wife to
Sleep With Other Men

I'm not sure why, but there are a lot married men out there that encourage their wives to have sex with other men. The Internet is full of stories and pictures.

They don't want to lose their wives. That's often very clear, they just want their wives -- generally after six or eight years of marriage -- to experience the excitement of sex with other men.

Sometimes it's the wife's idea, especially if sex in the marriage has dropped off or even died.

Or maybe the wife just wants to be sexually desired by other men, and see what other men are like in bed.

I want her to enjoy it; I want them both to. I want him to light her interest in and need for sex again.

When my pretty little wife comes home -- she texted me saying it would be early this afternoon -- I hope she looks well used and very satisfied, like she just got out of bed. That's a good look on her. One that I like to see.

...My wife is now a hotwife. I'm going to get her a gold anklet to wear every day to let people know that she enjoys sexual freedom and that I'm okay with it

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