She Likes It Rough

  My wife said, "We wrestle and he holds me down, and I fight him until I finally give up and then he takes me."  

Based on e-mail 

" Sometimes women need an occasional experience to release primordial  tension. "


Mary and I have been married for seven years, but it was only recently that I started taking her hints about something.

She needs rough sex.

The problem is I was always taught to treat  women gently.

Her job is being in charge of a department of mostly men and for that she has to be rather demanding or else they will walk all over her.

I got to talking to a guy in our apartment complex who is a pseudo-psychologist.

He just nodded and said, "That's the modern dilemma of a woman boss in today's work place. Women, especially white women, were brought up to be submissive. But, in a way that goes against evolution."

I said, "You mean the woman being bonked on the head with a club the dragged off to a guy's cave."

He said, "Not exactly, but some women still harbor that ancient gene, especially when it comes to sex."

"And you are an expert on white women?" (This guy, who is black, is a former football player ) He said "I've dated quite a few white women -- a lot of them are attracted to football players, and, by the way,  there 's a message there. I've found them to often to be rather submissive. But if they marry some dominant guy who they are attracted to there can be regular fireworks."

"So what's the answer?"

Have you read "The Taming of the Shrew?"

"The Cliff Notes version in school."

"Okay, that's the general idea, but you can't take it too far, especially in today's society or you will end up in jail."

A few nights later I asked Mary, "Do you like rough sex?"

She had obviously thought about this. "I dated a couple guys that were like that,"

"And you liked it?"

"If they didn't take it too far."

"I was talking to that guy who's trying to get his PhD in psychology."

"I've met him."

"Maybe you should go over there some time, spend some time with him."

Mary got it and was quiet for a few beats. "And this would be okay with you?"


"Maybe I will, if I'm invited."

The next time I saw him I said, "Invite Mary over to your place and see if your theory holds. I think she likes it rough."

'You sure?"

"If it's okay with her, it's okay with me."

"Just so we understand, you know where this could end up?"

To cut to the chase, as they say, Mary went over to his place. She spent almost three hours there and when she came back she looked genuinely and completely beat.

"Are you okay?"

She said, "I'm fine, but need to take a shower and hit the bed."

"Weren't you were just in bed."

"Yes, but I definitely didn't rest."

Now when Mary gets amped up with stress, I suggest she goes over there.  After a couple hours she comes back sated, exhausted, and a new woman.

When I noticed bruises on her wrists I asked how she got them. She said, "We wrestle and he holds me down, and I fight him until I give up and then he takes me."

Whatever floats your boat; I guess;  it's probably cheaper than therapy.

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