Mystery Lover


To add excitement to our sex lives my husband and I have done some crazy things.

One night he blindfolded me and tied me naked and spread-eagled across the bed.  He then asked, "What if I brought in right now to fuck you and you couldn't see who it was?"

A chill of fear and excitement ran through me. "So I wouldn't have anything to say about who it was?"

"I would pick out a guy for you except you wouldn't know who it was."

"So after that I guess I would be looking at each guy I passed in the complex wondering if it had been him." 

"Part of the excitement would be in not knowing. The guy would know but you wouldn't."

I thought it over. "This is scary and kind of exciting.

"So you'll do it?

"Will I ever know who it was?"


"Can I make suggestions on the guy?"


I thought of myself helpless on the bed while a guy I didn't know had sex with me. My husband could even invite him over for a beer and I might sit next to him and not know he'd fucked me. What kind of guy would my husband give me to? The whole idea was perverse and exciting. "Okay."


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