My Husband Forced Me

Based on e-mail 

" What's with maybe? You would either do it or you wouldn't. "


I grew up in one of those fundamentalist churches that claims that a husband is the head of the family and the wife has to do what he says.

One night in bed I reminded my wife of that and said, "So if I asked you to sleep with a friend of mine you would have to do it."

She hesitated. "Maybe."

"What's with maybe? You would obligated do it wouldn't you?"

She said, "But if you told me to do it, would you be committing adultery or would I? And what would be the biggest sin, committing adultery or not doing what my husband asks?"

There was silence for a while. And then with a hint of a smile,  she said,  'Tell me I have to do it.

I said, "You have to do it."

"Do I have to enjoy it?"

"It would be sin not to." 

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