Dr. West  


Something to think about


The Long Trip Home


" I went from feeling jealous to feeling that if I knew she really loved me, it wouldn't matter."


Dr. Weston

       My wife and I were spending the weekend in Las Vegas and on Sunday night we ran into a male friend from LA.

As we talked my friend kept looking at his watch and finally he said, "My flight to LA leaves in less than an hour." Momentarily forgetting that we had come in our new "Z," I said that he could simply go back with us.

When I finally remembered my new car was a two-seater, it was a bit late to take back the offer, especially since by then he would be late for his flight.

With all the time in the world now, he and my wife had a couple drinks (yes, I had coffee) and we headed for the car. 

The logical thing would be for him to drive, but since he'd had a couple drinks I didn't want him trashing my new "Z" and us along with it. 

The only way we could do it would be if my wife sat on his lap. We decided we could make it work if we tilted the seat all the way back. (Well, It worked in college with my MG!)

My wife tried to sit up straight for some time, but it wasn't long before she leaned back on my friend.

To keep her steady around curves he was holding her.  It wasn't long before her head was nestled under his chin and they were asleep. 

" At first I guess I was a bit jealous seeing another man holding my wife like that -- but after a while I got used to it.  Then as I kept looking at them (it's almost a three-hour drive) I saw how she looked totally content nestled into him."


      About half way home I stopped for coffee, but they we still half asleep, so after they hit the restrooms, they went back to the car.

After I finished coffee and pie, I returned to the car and found them again asleep together in the passenger seat.

I wondered if I could cuddle up against an attractive woman without thinking of just one thing.

The rest of the way home gave me a lot of time to think. They way they were cuddled together, it almost resembled an after-sex embrace. Could they have gotten it on while I was in the coffee shop?

" They could have easily had a 'quickie,' and I wouldn't know -- and would probably never know. And if I didn't know, would it have really made any difference in our marriage? "


I thought how narrow-minded it would be to let a simple act that could happen in a few minutes destroy a marriage.

I knew that kind of response was typical with men, as in, If you let him put it in, the relationship is over and I will never forgive you!

          After we got home I started teasing her about "sleeping with another man."

She said, "If you want honesty, with him holding me and with the smell of his body, it was kind of erotic. Are you jealous?"

I said, "For a while I was, seeing how the two of you were snuggled up together. But then I tried to work through it in my imagination. I imagined that the two of you did get it on while I was having coffee. I went from feeling jealous to feeling that if I knew you really loved me, it wouldn't matter."

She said, "This is interesting, so it wouldn't have mattered as long as you didn't know about it?

But, what if after a couple months you fimd out that we did?"

I thought about it. "I guess that would change things, especially if you kept if from me all this time."

In kind of a teasing way she said, "Why don't you assume we did and see how you deal with it." 

"So did you?"

She smiled in her devilish way. "Sure, and it was the best quickie I ever had."