Mandingo Party

Definition: A gathering of several black men, together with one white woman, who may be a wife, girlfriend or even daughter.

 Mandingo parties are often used as an initiation for white women into a group or lifestyle.

The black men take turns having sex with the white woman. Often, friends are called in to witness it. 

Among some youth groups the girl is not considered a real woman until she goes through this at least once.

As a way of proving themselves, some women ask for this experience.

 Little is said about the possibility of spreading sexual disease or the use of condoms.

Letter relating to this experience: The experience, which I agreed to, was horrible. It took place in an old, smelly van with people looking in the windows.

Word spread  and girls at my school started asking me how it was. Not wanting to admit that something I agreed to turned out bad, I just said it was interesting.

Typically, the women remarked that I had a lot of guts agreeing to it and from being a nobody, I gained some strange respect.  One girl said, "My boyfriend is daring me to do it. I guess if you can do it I can."

I said if you do, make sure you do it in a clean, comfortable place.

Then she asked me, "Would you do it again?"

Not wanting to admit that it was a bad experience, I said, "Sure."

A few months later I did, but this time I was ready abd it was very different experience. The fact that sucked them all off and otherwise wore out five, horny, guys made me a girl to reckon with.

One thing for sure, after everyone has seen pictures of you doing this stuff, it's hard to be embarrassed by anything anymore.

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