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A Mandingo Experience

I always thought the cover art for Onstott's famous book, Mandingo, was much more appealing than the disturbing content of his 660-page book.

This best-selling 1950's novel covers much of the sad slavery era in US history.

I read the book for a college literature class and I noticed that the cover art turned a lot of guys (and even girls) on. For me that marked the start of my fascination with black-on-white sex.

I didn't sell the book after the class was over as I do most, and it ended up on a shelf in our bookcase, the one my wife dusts every few weeks.

I forgot about it until I saw her staring at the cover one afternoon.

Recalling some of the content of the book I said, "During that era they used to put the best black slave together for a night with a white girl, thinking they could get the best of both races."

She continued to study the picture. "What happened if she didn't pregnant after one night?"

"I guess they kept putting them together until she did, just like they did in breeding their cattle. Do you think you could handle a guy like that?"

"Probably, with some amount of pleasure." She put the book back on the shelf.

I said, "You know there are Mandingo clubs in the city where white girls, mostly white wives, hook up with black studs."

She said, "So I've heard. What do husbands think of that?"

"Some of them encourage it."

"Would you?"

Feeling pretty safe, I boldly said. "Go for it if you want."

She said, "My friend Lonnie has talked about Mandingo clubs. Would you mind if I went with her to one?"

I stalled. "As long as you get pictures."

"They don't allow flash cameras, but Lonnie insists on keeping her cell with her in case she gets a call about her kids, and her phone gets pictures almost in the dark."

I was wondering if she was really serious about this. My wife continued, "So you would like to see me with some super-sized black bull?"

Still stalling, I said, "You complain about your life being dull. I imagine this would fix that."

I didn't think she would do it, but she did. (She said that Lonnie got her drunk, a story that is bolstered by the fact that I know she had a hell of a hangover the next day.)

Lonnie then sent the photos to us. I've cum many times looking at them -- especially the one where my dainty little wife has this huge, black cock in her mouth. (Lonnie got her started with that.)

I can cum just looking at that photo.


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