Hotwife Power


I t didn't start out that way but after a few years of marriage, the balance of power shifted from me to my wife.

I trace it back to a Christmas when we had one of my wife's friends over. We'll call him Ted.

 We were watching stuff on TV, when things moved to the bedroom and our x-rated DVD's.

Once things heated up, she encouraged things.

I encouraged it too because I thought it would be interesting for have my wife experience a new lover while I watched.

After that, she started regularly going over to Ted's condo.

Sometimes he calls her; sometimes she calls him.

She says "it's just sex" and I guess it is. However, Ted has made it clear that in bed she's his willing whore. To seal the deal he got her a hotwife t-shirt and has her wear it around the condo complex.

When we have a tiff, she goes over to Ted's for comfort and excitement. That cuts me out of the equation so that gives her power.

She likes the
exciting and daring" things he has her do. In one instance he tied her arms to hooks in a garage wall and put mousetraps on her nipples.

She ad mitted ite stung, but it gave her the extra stimulation needed for a major climax.

Sometimes when he comes over she starts giving him oral sex right in front of me until he drags her into the bedroom.  Soon, I hear her climax. A lot of guys would love to take her to bed and she lets me know it.

You might think our marriage is on the rocks, but Ted is a confirmed bachelor and my wife doesn't want a divorce. 

She does her part in the marriage, including financially and around the house, so I guess I have no legitimate reason to complain. She's a pretty woman -- passionate even -- and I could do a lot worse.

People say that this is what modern marriages have evolved into -- spouses enhanced by special lovers.

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