Erotic Humiliation

Erotic humiliation -- consensual psychological humiliation resulting in sexual arousal.

My wife told me about a girl in college who had a fight with her boyfriend after he caught her coming out of a guy's dorm room at 2 a.m.

 Later, when she walked by the men's locker room, he grabbed her, pushed her in, held her arms behind her, forcing her to stand and look at a room full of naked men. He said something like, "You are a whore, so pick out one you like."

As my wife tells it, the girl was a pretty blond who was a bit stuck up and in great need of humility.

The girl, of course, was massively embarrassed and it took weeks for her to get over being forced to look at locker room full of naked men -- who were also staring at her.

Although some -- maybe most -- women would be horrified by this thought, others find it sexually stimulating -- a case of erotic humiliation.

It is said that during early times, some men would force white women, including a wayward wives, to be locked up in a small chamber overnight with a virile black slave. In a more humane form the concept of "black breeding" continues today.

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