"What's a Dating Wife?"

A wife that is allowed to date a man of her choice, often in exchange for dating a man that her husband sets her up with.

It's a limited arrangement and sex is assumed but includes limited "peremptory challenge" veto power.

The wife trusts the husband to find a desirable date, and to stave off emotional involvement both limit these encounters.

Excerpts from letters:

1.  It's exciting to give my fiery little redhead to a guy. When she comes back she's sated, satisfied and sedate and easier to live with.

2. I tried to pick out  a guy that would give her a good time.  (I didn't want to get complaints.)

3. My wife spent a lot of time getting ready [for her date]. I knew the guy's reputation as a cocksman. The man knew he had her for the night and that made it easier all the way around.

5. I went to his apartment and introduced my wife [to him].  My wife had never spent the night with a guy she had just met.  I wanted her to experience that.

6.  I was hoping she liked it enough to keep doing it.

7. There's something about lying in bed knowing  that across town some guy was banging my wife and she was loving it.

8. It's fired up our (married) sex life.

9. They wine and dine me.  It's been a long time since I enjoyed such attention.  The sex is often very good.

10.  Word gets around pretty fast and  some of my women friends (in sex deprived marriages) are secretly jealous.

11.  The biggest challenge is convincing guys that it's okay to take my wife to bed.  Once they do they want to keep doing it, but [my wife and I ] have agreed on limits. 

12. I had secretly been wanting to go out with this guy that I was scared to talk to but my husband set it up, so there was no awkwardness or fear of rejection.

13. She says I've made her into a sex slut and maybe I have, but she's always looking for sexy clothes to impress guys. 

14. My wife often gets antsy and short tempered, which is hard on me and the kids. When that happens I call one of her guys to pick her up. When she returns she's a different woman.

15. From the very beginning I could tell my life loved sex, so she is was a sure thing. That's why I first went out with her and that's why I married her.  I fix her up with men who also know she's a sure thing.

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