Notes From A Black Stud

Based on e-mail 

" I make my living fucking guys' wives as the husbands watch."

" Its half sex and half psychology. "


I In the very beginning I did it for free, but my reputation quickly spread.

I'm a very well equipped black man I  (won't say how well equipped, since this isn't a contest and other things are more important). Most of the husbands and wives I deal with are white.

I started getting gifts (money) and since I only had to work two or three times a week doing this, I started living off of what I got from the husbands (mostly husbands) and I gave up my day job, which I hated.

I'm amazed at the type of women that husbands want me to be with -- some young and pretty -- the kind I would fuck for free, but if I can get paid, why not?

I'm also amazed how many husbands want to watch their wives being fucked buy a stranger within ten minutes of meeting him.

I book married couples because they are safer than those who play around.  A STD can put you out of circulation for some time while you deal with it, and I need a steady income.

I mostly meet the couples in their bedrooms, but sometimes in places where there is enough light for the videos that husbands want.

The husband generally sits on the sideline and watches, although sometimes he sort of cheers things along and even says obscene things to his wife as things progress.

He generally gets off on seeing his wife start with giving me oral sex. I coat my penis with Ready whip and she licks it off until she has most of my cock in her mouth.

Guys really like to see their white wives sucking on big black cocks.

Although a wife may be shy at first, she generally quickly loses her inhibitions and really gets into it. Husbands can be amazed at how fast their wives can let loose once they get started. A couple glasses of wine helps.

The couple will have already agreed to this, sometimes after seeing other couples do it on sites like Sharing My Wife com. 

Some wives like to be kissed on the mouth; some don't. You've got to figure this stuff out fast. You've also got to figure out the reaction of the husbands, which can also be a big part of repeat business.

 At some point the wife (or an impatient husband, which many are) suggests vaginal penetration.

Often, when the wife is ready she just pulls me on top of her. I try to get women to that point.

Kinky stuff isn't necessary because it's enough just to fuck the guy's wife in front of him. Plus, some of that shit is dangerous.

Part of my job is to give the impression that I'm totally into it, which I try to psych myself into. Almost all women have positive qualities I can focus on -- just enough to maintain my erection, but not so much that I cum -- a tricky balance.

The sessions are about one hour, and in that time I try to make sure that the wife is well fucked and maybe even has climaxed. I can generally tell if a woman is moving toward a climax and I encourage that because of often means repeat business.

I've been with a couple women that say they have never had a full-on climax before. To help that (with some women) I get her to say how much she's enjoying it, how good it feels and shit like that.  A big part of that is having her admit out loud that she's enjoying it.

Sometimes the husband will chime in with comments like, "You are really loving this, aren't you, honey?",  or "Honey, you are now on your way to being a black cock slut."

Some husbands like to see their wives held down and seemingly helpless as I fuck them and they cheer me on with commends like, "Really give it to her, Dan!") Some husbands, like me to be gentle and loving. You have to figure that out as you go along.

I do have expenses -- like monthly health checks, my time at the gym, stylish threads, a nice car, etc. I have to look good.

I start some white wives with black lovers,  but they are not all STD safe, responsible, and well equipped like I am. So I tell women to be careful, very, very careful.

I could write a book about this and maybe someday when I'm forced to retire I will.

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