A Happy Wife

From a husband  

" Since that day they've been meeting two or three times a week and my wife has a glow I haven't seen before."


We had some friends over for a pool party one weekend and among the people we invited was a young black man who had just moved into the neighborhood.

Later, when we showered I noticed that he was very well equipped. (Since I'm only average at best, I pick up on things like that.)

In bed that night I mentioned his size to my wife and I teasingly said, "I bet you would enjoy something like that."

A bit put off, she said, "If you say so."

I said, "Maybe I can get you a date with him."

"Sure, do that."

Although we were teasing, the idea intrigued me, so from that night on I started teasing my wife about going out with him.

Finally, she asked, "How do you know he would even be interested?" My wife is white, with shoulder length reddish brown hair, sexy, slightly on the pudgy side and no longer a spring chicken.

I said, "I'm sure he would be interested."

From that night on I teased her about setting her up with the guy. and  that seemed to speed up her climax. (I have a problem with premature ejaculation and this teasing helps to speed her along.)

This one night when I was trying to hold back my own climax while trying to get her to one of her own, she said, "So what are you, like most guys, all talk?"

That threw me. "What do you mean?"

"You keep talking about it, so when are you going to set me up with him?"

That didn't sound like our usual teasing, so I said, "Why me? You could invite him over any afternoon when I'm at work."

"And that would be okay with you?"

I could hardly retreat now so I boldly said, "Sure."

With that things became real.

The next day the guy called me on my cell and said, "You wife invited me over yesterday when you were work but I didn't realize it was going to be just the two of us. I don't want to cause problems, so I kind of kept my distance, so to speak."

"You don't need to."


I boldly said, "I have a little problem and I can't keep her satisfied the way she needs. I assume you could."

There was a long pause, "Probably, if you're sure it would be okay."

"You have my permission."

Since that day she's been seeing him two or three times a week and my wife has a glow that I've not seen since our honeymoon, if then.

Although she doesn't try to hide her sessions with him, but she keeps them "out of sight," so to speak.

In thinking about them together I sometimes feel jealousy, other days I'm happy for what he does for her and I hope it doesn't stop.

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