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Cheating is a violation of trust; cuckolding is validation of trust.

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  'She Was About To Jump to Her Death Right In Front of Me' 

45 Reasons For Affairs

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White Wives, Black Lovers

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Being a Hotwife means
that your husband Is confident enough in the relationship to
share you with other men.

The "Sin" of Adultery

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What's a Dating Wife?

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'Your Site Demeans Women!'

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I know that the greatest damage done emotionally, spiritually, physically, and sexually to human beings comes from religious dogma suppressing human sexuality. Much of the good the church does is eradicated by its sexual teachings. - SwiftDeere

Consensual Gangbang (case history)

Sex, the Bottom Line

Everyone Carrying Guns These Days

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Housewife Prostitute: Personal Experience

Sexual Inhibition Derailed Our Marriage

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Our genetic history shows that women first search for a stable partner to  establish a home and then may seek   transient experiences with piquant, genetically enhancing, partners.
- Dr. C. Lee.

Decriminalizing Prostitution 

My Wife Wondered What It Would Be Like

Roots of Anti-Sex Views

No Longer In the Dark Ages

Kathy: A Case History of A Modern Housewife Prostitute

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Dead Battery Husbands, Sexual Fantasies
Monogamy is primarily institutionalized jealousy and possessiveness.

Adultery: Facts, Fears & Forgiveness

Animal vs. Spiritual Selves

If In Doubt, Don't

Just Say 'Yes'

Surviving the Breakup of a Relationship
We are living in an era where premarital sex is the norm and extramarital sex is far more common than believed.

We are living in an era where sexual expectations, behaviors and even sex education are all strongly influenced by porno -- an industry that far outstrips mainstream motion pictures by producing 13,000 videos each year resulting in $9 billion in yearly profit. That comes out to be $3,000 every second.

What is now the HotwifeLetters.com and its predecessor sites were started more than ten years ago by two women doctors (PhDs) who saw the direction of social-sexual change and its implications and felt it should be responsibly addressed.

This Site now incorporates ModernDirections.com and VarietalSex.com